12 Breastmilk Myths

12 Breastmilk Myths

Breastfeeding is so old that it is normal that false beliefs have been created around it. Such retrograde myths in our society, which have been transmitted from generation to generation, as absolute truths. The truth is that most of these myths do not have a scientific basis. so you have to remove them!


    Breastfeeding deforms the breast. FALSE Breast changes occur during pregnancy, whether or not you decide to breastfeed. Increased body fat, age, and genetics also interfere with these changes.
    Breastfeeding hurts. FALSE If you have pain while breastfeeding, it may indicate infection, poor latch, or incorrect posture. This could lead to mastitis or cracks. Remember to go to an IBCLC or pediatrician
    Mothers with small breasts have little milk. FALSE The amount of milk capable of production does not depend on the size of the breast. Every mom has the best breast for her baby. Confide in yourself!
    I have to wash my chest before and after each feed. FALSE Excessive washing removes the natural oils from the chest, causing dryness and cracks.
    At the year the baby does not need breast milk. FALSE the only thing is that after 6 months breastfeeding will not be enough because you need to supplement it with other foods
    You have to drink a lot of water and milk. FAKE. The amount of milk does not depend on the milk you drink. But it is important that you drink your water as usual.
  •     You have to eat twice as much. FAKE. During breastfeeding we must continue with a good diet because remember that we lose certain calories during the day due to exclusive breastfeeding
  •     You have to create a schedule, like every 3 hours. FAKE. Breastfeeding should be on demand. When you drink you want and when you drink ask. Breast emptying stimulates the production of more milk.
  •     No one in the family managed to breastfeed, so I can't either. FAKE. This is not something hereditary, it consists of breastfeeding properly. Unless there is a problem or operation that may affect lactation or production.
  •     I am running out of milk because my son eats a lot. FAKE. You are not lacking in milk, this is called growth spurts and they are completely normal.
  •     I don't have enough milk because I pump too little milk. FAKE. The reality is that the baby is the one who gets 80% of what you produce. Unfortunately an extractor will not remove the same. But beware, this does not mean that if you do deferred breastfeeding you will dry up.
  •     With caesarean section, the loss of milk takes much longer. FAKE. It neither delays it nor diminishes the ability to breastfeed. But it is important that you drink this skin to skin in this first hour of delivery. Also, breastfeed on demand.

Have you believed in any of these myths?
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