Baby Leds Weaning - BLW

Baby Leds Weaning - BLW

At 6 months of age, babies begin the weaning process. That means that your baby will be starting a complementary feeding. As its name indicates, it is a complementary diet, so breast milk or formula will continue to be its main source of food until one year old.


What is the baby leds weaning method? It is a complementary diet on demand or self-regulated in which food is incorporated without going through the purees and porridge phase. In other words, the baby feeds himself using her hands. Explore for yourself and try different textures and flavors.


The 10 keys are as follows:

1) Make sure that the baby is prepared and for this you must comply with this:

  •     Older than 6 months
  •     able to stand alone
  •     Able to hold things with hands
  •     He has lost the extrusion reflex, which is a self-reflex that expels anything that reaches his mouth that is not his mother's breast or the bottle

2) Introduce the food one by one. It is important that you make a list of the foods you are trying and every 2-3 days you introduce another. Once you pass the tests you can start combining flavors.

3) Never introduce food yourself, this goes against the BLW. Put him in front and if he's hungry the baby will look for him. This helps her motor skills. The baby decides the amount, do not force it. If she is crying, she does not continue with the process.

4) Eat together at the table with the baby. That way, the baby will look at them and imitate them to learn how to feed themselves correctly. Eventually he will use the spoon, don't force him.

5) Don't be in a hurry. At first you will only see that he plays with food. Some foods they may not like at first either. There are some foods that you have to give them 15 times until they finally like it.

6) At first the food should be a little bigger than your fist. Preferably cut lengthwise (as if they were fingers). This will help you catch it with your hands. For example, you take a banana and cut the peel in half. Chop the excess shell and give it to yourself. Eventually you cut the banana into the shape of fingers. Over time you proceed to shorten sizes.

7) Remember that the texture can't be too hard or so soft that you can't catch it with your hands. Temperature must be monitored at all times.

8) Do not leave it alone, always check it because accidents can happen. Do not trust.

9) Do not interfere in the process, believe me there will be a lot of mess. So avoid buying high chairs that are full of linings and that are non-removable.

10) Lastly, let him focus on his process. Enjoy this stage and take many souvenir photos.


Actually the process is much simpler. Also, economical, because you spend less money than buying the purees. However, do not feel bad if you prefer to wait. I started giving purees and after December I started the BLW process. Still, when I don't have a chance to cook, I give him his mashed potatoes or oatmeal. So calm down mom, one day at a time.


On Instagram there is a person who shares great BLW stuff called @blwbyminette. There you will learn many details that will help you.
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