Common problems pumping mamas might encounter when using wearable pumps

Common problems pumping mamas might encounter when using wearable pumps

1. Limited Suction

Solution:  It’s important to find the right fit with your flange. The right fit will create a seal, which is necessary to get the most out of your pump’s available suction. You can use our BeauGen cushions for this exact purpose. 



2. Too Much Suction

Solution:  BeauGen’s innovative breast pump cushions can also help here as well. By adding a bit of cushion to your flanges, you can make this pumping experience more comfortable.



3. Lower Output

Solution:  Find a quiet place, sit down, and get set up with your pump. Initiate the pumping session, and wait until you feel your letdown. Once you’ve achieved your letdown, then you can get up and move about, work, clean your house, even exercise!



4. Smaller Size Range in Flanges

Solution:  Our BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions. You can use the cushions to reduce the amount of space available inside of a flange, thus reducing the size of the flange.



5. Shorter Flange Tunnel

Solution:  In our previous point we talked about using our breast pump cushions to achieve a better fit. You can also use them to restrict your nipple from traveling too far down the tunnel. Due to the shorter tunnel, you’ll need to fold the tunnel of the cushion in half. You can find a tutorial on how to do it here.

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