How to start a milk stash?

How to start a milk stash?

Do you already know how to start a breast milk bank? Are you starting work soon?

  •     Make sure you get a pomp. Some health plans provide.
  •     Make sure to start bottle feeding around 3-4 weeks of age.
  •     Remember to measure your nipples
  •     Make sure you have replacement accessories, yes the accessories are replaced (if not they will have fungus).
  •     Make sure you have a plastic bag for dirty accessories or a “wet/dry bag”
  •     Buy disposable bags and consider reusable ones to go back to work
  •     Wear a piece of clothing that the baby has put on to stimulate the hormone while you express
  •     Remember to read and know your rights at work
  •     Make sure you have a bra to pull out
  •     Remember to speak with human resources to verify the laws and schedules that you can select (do not wait for the same day). Remember to check that according to the law (which applies) you have a private and suitable place to store milk, express yourself and others.
  •     Learn how to store and handle milk


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Disclaimer: This blog or ebook is not a substitute for a consultation with an IBCLC or physician. Remember that Pumping Goddess LLC is not an IBCLC.
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