When will my baby be able to drink water?

When will my baby be able to drink water?

When will my baby be able to drink water? In this heat, what do I do if my baby is thirsty?

It is clear that water is one of the basic elements to live. But what about the babies? Babies and newborns need to drink water just like adults. Almost 80% of the body weight of a nursing baby is made up of water, while in adults this proportion is 55%. But unlike adults, the water that babies drink must always be accompanied by nutrients, otherwise they would run the risk of suffering from malnutrition or diarrhea, among other problems. Therefore, the ideal food for a baby up to 6 months is breast milk or formula. Has it all!

WHY CAN'T BABIES DRINK WATER? The main risks a baby faces if they drink water too early are:

    Malnutrition- they have a small stomach, but it must be loaded with nutrients, and obviously the water does not have them
    Diarrhea- water can be contaminated, our breast milk is 80% water. So your milk is enough
    Hyponatremia- usually happens when water is given too soon. Symptoms can be nausea, vomiting, fatigue, headache, seizures or worse

The world health organization suggests providing water after 6 months and always in small doses. Oh and why now? Because now complementary feeding will be introduced so that milk is no longer something exclusive. Also, the body composition of a 6-month-old baby is 65% water composition. And if he drinks, he rejects the water? Don't worry, don't force it. It will really be necessary after 12 months. As long as the water must be sterilized. And of course, this also applies to those who give formula. It is the same process. So please, if your family member is putting pressure on you, send them the link to this podcast and educate them.
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