Pumpables Liquid Flanges Review & Recommendations

Pumpables Liquid Flanges Review & Recommendations

Pumpables Liquid Flanges combine the duckbill valve from your pump kit with a silicone flange insert that go the ENTIRE 360° around your nipple. When the pump applies suction, the silicone insert collapses around your nipple from all sides. 

The end result is one of the most comfortable and effective pumping experiences available on the market today! This stimulation allows the nipple to be extended and compressed simultaneously making the pump stimulate the nipple as close to a nursing baby as we can achieve with a pump.

The liquid silicone inserts are available in sizes 17 mm, 21 mm, 25 mm and 29 mm

The compression of the flange means sizing for these flanges does not follow exactly with the sizing of a traditional insert, and some people may find they prefer the feel of a size that is bigger or smaller than they traditionally use. The only hard and fast rule is only sizing down to the exact size of your nipple, but sizing up with these flanges is much more feasible than with other flanges. 

So what size Pumpables Liquid Flanges should you try?

Typically, the size closest to your actual nipple size, with the occasional need to size up for comfort. If the fit is too snug for your personal comfort, you can tell by the feeling that your nipple is being squeezed like a sausage casing. A good fit doesn’t feel overly snug when compressed, but that is uniquely up to the pumping person to determine what is too snug. I highly recommend trying two sizes realistically in your range to see what feels the best for you.

What are some challenges with the Pumpables Liquid Flanges?

One challenge we do have with these particular flanges is that the actual tunnel length is about 2.5-3 cm, which can be too short for the most extremely elastic of nipples.

Some people have found that their nipples do not stretch as far with the liquid flanges as they do with the Lacteck or Pumpin Pals, as the compression effect helps to dampen the nipples’ tendency to stretch length wise.

If you find you are stretching to the end of the insert and it’s painful or causing a loss of suction, these are probably just not long enough for your needs.

Pumpables Liquid Flanges are Great for Clients with Previous Breast Surgery, Injury, or Piercings

These flanges are one of my top recommendations when we are working with a client who has previously had breast surgery, injury, or piercings.

The silicone flanges are soft and don’t place excessive pressure on any point of the nipple or areola. They are not typically associated with quick damage to the nipple which is always a concern with decreased sensation.

With previous nipple piercings, we often have milk coming out of those holes outside of the flange tunnel, but these flanges help to minimize leaking by creating a better seal against the areola.

Replacing Pumpables Liquid Flanges:

It’s important to note that you will need to replace the liquid silicone inserts periodically like you do any duckbill valves. There is also a membrane that acts as a backflow protector in the top of the flange kit that needs periodic replacement.

If you hand wash your parts, I have found them to be very durable and last longer than many pump parts, but they eventually will wear out.

Pumpables Liquid Flange Kits:

Liquid flange inserts can only be used with the Liquid Flange Kits. These kits come as an option for Pumpables pumps. They are also sold as a stand alone item, but they are single kits. So if you want to double pump you will need two kits.

This is an advantage for the parents out there in need of different flange sizes for each nipple. You don’t have to order 4 flanges just to get a good fit for both sides! These kits require Pumpables tubing to operate, but thankfully, this tubing connects to many pumps available on the market.

Pumps that are Compatible include:

  • Pumpables

  • Spectra

  • Motif

  • Ameda

  • Unimom

  • Evenflo

  • Freemie

These brands allow the Pumpables tubing to be connected directly to these pumps in place of the regular tubing, and the built in membrane allows use with closed-system pumps.


Are these flanges worth the money?

Absolutely! Hands down, no questions about it. Pumpables Liquid Flanges elevate pumping to a new level. If you are looking for more comfortable or effective pumping, these are a great option to try!

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