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About Us

Hi friend,  

I’m Lyan. A first-time mother and founder of The Pumping Goddess, who gave birth to a premature baby (31 weeks) on May 15th, 2020, during the COVID19 pandemic.  After his birth, my son had to stay in NICU for a month and given the COVID 19 threat, the hospital took extreme precautions denying my opportunity to carry, hug and kiss my baby for the 1st two weeks of been born.  Eventually, visits were allowed only for 1 parent a day for one hour, which did not allow me the opportunity to breastfeed him except in only two occasions. My husband and me needed to alternate turns to be able to see him for that 1st month.

During his stay at NICU, nurses had his bottle ready upon my arrival to minimize the time spent by parents during the one-hour visit.  Their actions were discouraging breastfeeding completely for everybody including me.  At this moment, I discussed this situation with the pediatrician, but I was told to wait until the baby was out of NICU to start working in the breastfeeding phase. After the baby left the hospital, my journey for breastfeeding began.  At first, my son did not want to breastfeed and when he did, it was extremely painful for me.  He was suffering from lingual and lip frenulum.  After several times taking him to the specialists, he underwent minor surgery to take care of his condition.  Once recovered, I was still was not able to breastfeed him and as time continued, we were both suffering from this fact.

As time passed and he started to lose weight, this became the crucial moment when I decided to start pumping to be able to feed my son.  To do it properly, I sought professional help from breastfeeding consultants, pediatricians, and other related nursing members of the industry without achieving any success.  However, since I could not find the information or help needed, I decided to take it upon myself and learn as much as possible by conducting research on my own.  During my journey, I consulted experts outside my country and read everything I could.  Eventually I found out I was not alone with this situation and that moms like me were named “exclusive pumpers”.  At this time, I decided not to let any other mothers suffer what I had endured by becoming an expert on this topic. Hence Pumping Goddess was created.  It requires a real mom, goddess type, to deal with all the elements required for a successful pumping while continuing to work, take care of the house, the family and so much more.

If you feel like this is an overwhelming process, you are not alone.  I am here to make your process easy.  As a LEAARC certified member, I can now help you with breastfeeding fails, engorgement, mastitis, breast pumps, lactation management, among others.  I will tell you all about the pumping machines, its parts and all you need, to go back to work while taking care of your baby’s nutrition.





About The Company

I care about every momma’s breastfeeding journey and want our products to improve your experience. That is why I created two boxes designed for your pumping journey. No need to go from store to store, because you have it all in this box.

Happy Pumping!