Athena On The Go Kit

Pumping Goddess is the first worldwide kit that has all items you need in order to pump on the go.



Why do you need this kit?

  • We combined the most essential items in one simple set designed to help moms with their pumping journey.
  • This kit was designed by an exclusively pumper mom that struggle to find pumping parts and essential items that could make her life easier.
  • You can also provide this to a new mom because it is specifically geared for the postpartum period.
  • We are here to provide support during a time that is filled with equal parts of joy and stress.
  • Also, you will get a free sizing consult with your order. Pump anytime you'd like, wherever you'd like!


The Kit Includes the following items:

    • Custom flange fitting via text message
    • One Lunch Box With Double Deck Large Capacity
    •  One Ice Pack
    • One Portable Bottle Rack
    • Two Universal Tubing (Suitable for Spectra, Motif, Pumpables, Ameda, and others)
    • Six Quick Wipes (no need to clean with soap and water)
    • Goddess Spray with Natural and Organic Oils
    • Two Narrow-Neck Base Connectors
    • Two Shields 
    • Two Backflow Protectors
    • Two Duckbills
    • Two Wide-Mouth Breastmilk Bottle Collectors
    • Four Tea Bags to promote Breast milk production
    • Two Silicone Breastmilk Bags (100% Reusable)
    • Two Washable Breast Pads
    • One Silicone Micro-Steam Bag to Sterilize Parts (100% reusable)
    • Two Bottle Converter for a Wide-Mouth Bottles

    Services Included with the flange fitting:

    • Review of any issues with your current flange sizes
    • Support with transitioning techniques to maximize the effectiveness of the new size 
    • 14 days of support via text message


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