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Frida Mom Postpartum Supplement Set

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  • POSTPARTUM GUMMIES FOR LACTATION: Trade in the tea + cookies. Made with fenugreek and milk thistle - known to naturally pump up your milk supply. 3 gummies daily; 36-count bottle (12 servings)
  • POSTPARTUM GUMMIES FOR HAIR, SKIN + NAILS: Reboot yourself from the inside out. Made of biotin, vitamin C and E - known to promote lush locks, radiant skin + strong nails. 2 gummies daily; 40-count bottle (20 servings)
  • POSTPARTUM GUMMIES FOR POOPING: After you push out baby, keep everything running smoothly. Made of prebiotic fiber - known to help keep your stools soft + regular. 3 gummies daily; 30-count bottle (10 servings)
  • GOOD STUFF ONLY: Free of gluten, artificial flavors, dairy and soy.


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