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Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump

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  • 🍼 Efficient Breast Pumping - Horigen breast pump has 3 suction modes (Stimulation & Expression & Turbo) and 9 suction levels. Different modes could adjust the suction level and speed. For mothers to choose the best pumping intensity, imitating the baby's feeding mode to optimize milk production.
  • 💦3D Liquid Silicone Shield- Horigen breast pump accessories are made of soft and food grade liquid silicone flange which is similar as baby’s mouth, which brings mother the natural feeling of breastfeeding. It is more comfortable than hard plastic flange from other brands.
  • 🍼Quite Sound & Night Light- Horigen 3D double electric breast pump with night light function, has a touch screen with LED display. It works with quiet sound and is easy to use at night. Mothers could use it as single or double breast pump, and at the same time, could choose whether to suck directly into the bottle or into the milk storage bag as needed. There are two types of milk bag converters that match most brands of electric breast pumps.
  • 💦 Anti-backflow Design- Horigen Electric breast pump is designed as a closed system to prevent backflow, which keeps milk completely separate from the pump motor. No need to worry about leakage and protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh.
  • 🍼 Portable Breast Pump- Horigen breast pump has a built-in rechargeable battery which is independent and long-lasting, for 5 times, and the compact & portable pump allows moms to breastfeed anytime, anywhere, good for travel and on the go.
  • 💦Package Included- Electric breast pumps unit × 1, suction kit with bottle (120ml) & bottle stand x2, tubing & connector × 2, charger with USB cable × 1, breast milk bag × 10, milk bag converter × 2, 21mm silicone flange × 2, 29mm silicone flange × 2, 25mm silicone flange × 2. All parts are BPA-free. Easy to assemble and clean while maintaining a good seal to achieve the best suction.


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