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Replacement Spectra Duckbill & Valve

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  • CONTENTS: 8x duckbill valve and 4 x silicone membrane. Replacement pump parts for spectra duckbill valve and spectra membrane. Not Original Spectra Pump Parts. Not Original Spectra S2 PLUS, or Spectra S1 PLUS, Spectra S3 Parts.
  • COMPATIBLE with Spectra S1 Plus Spectra S2 Plus Spectra 9 Plus breastpump (The duckbill valves also compatible with Spectra Dew 350). Not original Spectra S1 accessories, Spectra S2 accessories, Spectra Duckbill Valves, Spectra Membrane Replacement.
  • SAME SUCTION POWER AS OEM VALVES. The duckbill valves are compatible with Spectra flange and Maymom flange. The silicone membranes are compatible with Maymom backflow protector (Long, Short and Medium) and Spectra S1 backflow protector, Spectra S2 backflow protector. Also suitable for Ameda Mya pumps.
  • OPTIMIZE PUMP PERFORMANCE. Replace your silicone membrane, duckbill valves regularly to optimize the performance of your breastpump.
  • BPA/DEHP FREE. IN RETAIL PACK.; comply with EU and USA FDA regulations for materials that contact food. Tested by independent labs for quality and safety. All items are packaged in retail pack and sealed by the manufacturer Maymom. Can be cleaned with boiling water or water steam.


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