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The Pumping Goddess LLC

Pumpables Super Genie Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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Flange Size
  • Letdown & expression mode
  • Suction level up to 330 mmHg
  • Bluetooth app operation to save, run and import programs
  • Up to 2.5 hours pumping time on rechargeable battery
  • Bundled with Liquid Shield Kit
  • Log pumping data and control your Super Genie smart hospital grade breast pump.
  • Track and visualize your output, personalize and share pumping programs, or pump and record on the fly and save to your program library!
  • Whether you're targeting a specific pumping goal or not, or using the SuperGenie pump or a different one, the Pumpables app is the ideal companion, built to make your pumping journey a little bit easier!
  • And we're just getting started: look out for data-driven insights and recommendations tailored to your specific pumping style, coming soon!


Please measure your nipple diameter (no areola) using the measuring tool.

The best shield size will fit snugly around your nipple, with no areola. If your size is not available, please go up to the nearest available size. Liquid Kit is quite flexible and forgiving of a greater size range e.g. if you're usually a 15mm, then the 17mm Liquid should feel great, or if you're usually a 19mm, the 21mm will be fine and so on.

  • Vacuum range - 15 - 330 mmHg
  • Cycle speed (Expression mode) - 40 - 70 cpm (variable)
  • Cycle speed (Letdown mode) - 72 - 104 cpm (variable)
  • Weight - 1.1 kg (excl kit)
  • Battery life - 2.5 hours
  • Charging time - 4 hours
  • Motor life - 1500 hours
  • Noise - less than 50 db(A)

SuperGenie motor

  • Compatible with any closed system shield kit

Liquid Kit

  • Compatible with standard wide neck bottles


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